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Verb. The heavy metal equivalent of humming or whistling to oneself, in which the sound of a guitar riff is simulated with the mouth. Onomatopoeia for the sound of an open power chord inserted between furious bouts of "palm muted" 32nds. The term can be applied to any style of heavy metal mouth-riffing, even when the "dash" sound is not the most appropriate for the riff in question.

For illustration, Slayer's "Angel of Death" (main verse)

dash-shshshshshsh dash-shshshshshsh dash-shshshshshsh da na naa (repeat)
Johnny: *dashes absent-mindedly*
Sean: Hey do you know you sound completely retarded
Johnny: Ah shit. There's nothing more embarrassing than being caught dashing.

Kid (listening to Slipknot on iphone): "Man, this is awesome! da-"

Person 2 (wearing Morbid Angel sweatpants): "Hold it right there. Dashing may only be performed by the disciples of true metal."
by dmjawknee March 16, 2011
A nickname for a famous cop from Melbourne, Australia. Is well known for his machete wrestling, shark catching, crook flogging, and general all round wonderful person. Has been accused of being dogmatic, intolerant of idiots, warm hearted, and a brat. Has also been known to play silly European games such as bocce and boule. His butt has been compared to Derek Jeter's. His obsession is an angel called Kali.
Stop gobbing off or I'll get Dash to come and flog you!

Well ... I'll be dashed.
by slim416 February 21, 2011
shortened phrase for da-shit
Look at the sick gear he's wearin... he looks dash man !!
by mtbluva June 22, 2011
London slang. to throw violently, usually with the intention to hurt someone.
" he got mad and dashed the remote at me cos i came up behind him and slapped him in the head "
by Judge Fudge December 14, 2004
Expression of frustration, especially in the UK and eastern Canada.
Dash! I forgot my math book.
by jon.vs October 11, 2005
A sweet, caring, respectful, handsome, amazing, adorable, wonderful individual.

Also a good name for a pet fish
Awwwh, he's such a DASH.

Come here, Dashie fish!
by wendybird February 24, 2009
Usually Lash n Dash.
When an individual tends to have sexual relations with another and immediately leaves them.
Blud i woz on dat ting, get me cuzzy buh she was s**t doe so ima haf 2 lash n dash.
by Ibn La Ahad February 16, 2009