a buff, sexy beast, or playa
dude, brad pitt is such a dash
by long shlong silvers September 12, 2007
Like ohh my god, Kelsey is such a DASH! Look at her flirting with my boyfriend!
by Jess933 April 24, 2008
To charge someone down and fight them
Theres that idiot, dash him!
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
To run away, as in from the 5-0s.
"He cold dashed and ran around the block/ the cop radioed in to another lady cop."
-Slick Rick, Children's story
by They Call Me Sweetness October 14, 2005
to challenge a person to an 80 yard race.
If I see this relit, We'll come steaming in and I'll dash ya.
by Scottish Fire Marshall August 31, 2010
A weird yet fantastic person.
''That person sure is dash''
by mmm April 25, 2004
To travel to a specific place to relax.
I went to dash at the beach yesterday.
by J Metz April 18, 2009

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