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an argument over which route is the most efficient
*driver turns right*
passenger: WTF ARE YOU DOING?! everyone knows the freeway is quicker
driver: yeah that's why there's so much traffic on the freeway!
passenger: wtf! you're a dumbass, you should've gone on the freeway we're gonna be so late now
driver: i'm sick of always having a cargument with you on the way to parties, we're going home!!
by moleynesh November 27, 2009
1) short for 'dash ok', which, when transcribed into average language means 'that is ok'
2) (said with exclamation) short for 'that's really cool !!' or 'that's awesome!!'
1) person 1: thank you soooo much!!!!

person 2: dash:)

2) person 1: hey, look at my new dress!

person 2: dash!!!
by moleynesh August 31, 2008
pronounced: WHAT THE BUCK! or WHAT THE BELL?

- the wholesome way of saying WTF (if wtf is too rude for you)

- also a common typo when attempting to type wth (what the hell)
*on msn*

coolguy123: hey you have a really sweaty smile
chickeybabe333: wtb.. i think you mean sweet smile?
coolguy123: na.. i meant sweaty smile
chickeybabe333: oh.. wtb??
coolguy123: wtf.. i think you mean wth/wtf?
chickeybabe333: hey stop swearing bro!! wtb stands for what the buck.. get with it coolguy123..
by moleynesh November 02, 2009

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