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A local punk/urban off beat shop in the D.C. area. run by the same owner of 'up against the wall'. great place for people sick of all the other boring places to shop in georgetown
girl 1: where'd you get that 'satan is my homeboy tshirt' and ipod case???
girl 2: commander salamander! i get a 40% discount cuz i know the owner
by mmm February 22, 2005
a complete idiot. a better version of asshole. syn: ass-tron
adj. asstronic
bloggers: i feel so depressed! agh i hate life! i want to be loved! i'm so happy!
connor: jeez asstrons don't go posting your all ur emotions on the web!!
by mmm February 23, 2005
the communion or penetration of one's mind into or with another's mind, can often be akin to thinking of one another in a "sexual" way to some greater or lesser extent-- or just taking in the push and pull of one another in the form of thought tag.
When she picked up a carrot, he winked his eye-- engaging in mental sex while discussing the price of tea in China at the restaurant.
by mmm August 22, 2003
Another word for liberal as in below a conservative. Usually used by ignorant assholes (conservatives).
You are subconservative and I'm an anal poking donkey fucker.
by MMM March 13, 2005
to be brave and determined......
Yo! That girl blowing the boss' cock right now sure is spunky when it comes to getting her paycheck!
by MMM May 21, 2004
Someone who is carrying a lot of weapons / firearms on him / her
A guy who has a big dick
Someone who is carrying a lot of anything / stuff around with them
Watch out for that guy - he is loaded!!!


I can't carry anymore groceries - I am loaded already
by MMM August 30, 2004
A large red ogre known in Irish folklore to eat human excrement and steal young boys in the cold nights of the Irish winters.
Newt Gingrich is a clarke.

The disgusting clarke sneaks into the childs room.

Most republicans are clarkes.
by Mmm May 04, 2012

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