Farther, Dad, abrieviation for dashy pea, follow on to mushy pea(mother).
Dash can you take me to school today?
by Megghan November 30, 2003
a womanly looking boy, who's purpose is nothing more than to annoy you top death
Dash is scrolling me to death!!!
by Shankie Bear December 18, 2004
Small Child Like creature With an freakisly oversized head looks much like Stewie
from famliy guy
MY god Dash why is your head so freakly oversized?
by SW November 17, 2003
when dash runs, he sometimes needs to go poopy. it gets stuck in his incredisuit and goes back up his butt. its very painful, and the poop goes into his legs. that's why he runs so fast!!!! then he poops it back out after it gets really hot from being in his legs and running, and then it blows a hole in the suit and crashes like a meteor into the moon. his butt burns real bad and has hemoroids the next day. the end.
too many beans for dash on tuesday equals: 5 new craters on the moon on wednesday!
by Danna January 21, 2005
To give or send something to someone.
Oi, you got Jimmy's phone? Dash it my way!
by Shub Zed April 03, 2010
The acceleration or 0-60 time of a fast car.
What the dash like on that Poorsche?
by D Dubz W April 21, 2015

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