The dashboard of a car, where implements of measurement and plastic garfields are found.
I left the money on the dash and someone stole it.
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
to dump a girlfriend or boyfriend
'You still with him then?'
'Am I fuck, he's dashed.'
by black market baby January 18, 2008
to give or pass an object
dash me that beer bruv
by on June 06, 2003
DASH is a term used to describe boys with very long curly hair usually figured to be girls.
Dash looks very hot today
by Pristine December 17, 2004
n. When you are in the car with an annoying girl who won't shut up and you slam on the brake to bounce her head off the dashboard, hence shutting her up. Coined by Russ Martin, the actual term is usually used in reference to giving somebody something (like a gift) and shouted.
"Jill and I got into an argument and she just wouldn't let things go, so I had to give her a lil DASH!"

"Honey, prepare to worship at the Temple of the DASH!"

"I'm thinking about taking you on a vacation dear... how would you like a one-way trip to Bangla-DASH!"
by Doobie Wad June 07, 2004
1) short for 'dash ok', which, when transcribed into average language means 'that is ok'
2) (said with exclamation) short for 'that's really cool !!' or 'that's awesome!!'
1) person 1: thank you soooo much!!!!

person 2: dash:)

2) person 1: hey, look at my new dress!

person 2: dash!!!
by moleynesh August 31, 2008
i nice funny looking person who has long side burns.

also meaning someone who likes to get fucked hard in the ass,

someone who likes to make sweet luvin to san francisco gay dudes at his school in san francisco
it sure is easy to make fun of that retard dash
by dash cuev September 12, 2007

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