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A manga about an unsettled novelist, Yuki Eiri, wanting to be left alone but ends up meeting a newfound singer that stalks him while wearing a puppy suit named Shuichi.

Shuichi competes against a much better and sexier singer names Ryuichi that basically whoops his booty in singing. But Shuichi starts to let loose his own bottled up talent while being stressed with his relationship with Yuki.

There is even a highly developed attack called the KUMAGORO BEAM Ryuichi uses to protect himself from Tatsuha, Yuki's almost twin-like and perverse brother
My favorite yaoi manga is Gravitation!
by Pristine December 17, 2004
an attack used with a stuffed bunny rabbit

the rabbit is tossed at an amazing speed towards the victim's head while the user shouts, "KUMAGORO BEAM"
I must use the Kumagoro Beam to save us all!
by Pristine December 17, 2004
Sanzo is a buddhist monk in the anime series of Saiyuki. His habits deviate from the norm of a regular monk while he smokes, drinks, cusses, and even has yaotic and sexual pleasures with his slave Gayden Goku from Mt. Kaka.

He is 23 years old, the oldest in the group and has an array of shiny blonde strands to his head that are like the sun. This is his attack to get people to fall in love with him so he can then shoot them and protect the maten scriptures which were places into his hands.
It's priest Sanzo! We must run!
by Pristine December 17, 2004
An elusive creature which dweels atop the highest peak of mount KaKa
the shankiebear ate my apple
by Pristine December 17, 2004
An individual obsessed with Kamui, Seishirou, and pretty much anything that walks. Also refuses to wear cat suits and has the tendency to bite in the hopes of consuming some blood.
Subby won't be teh kitteh!
by Pristine December 20, 2004
The place where the Sailor stars botoleg goes for mad amounts and is where I sold my fiancee Dash
I owe Ebay 500 dolla fo fees
by Pristine December 20, 2004
Goku is the hawt bishie from Gensou Maden Saiyuki that is like 500 years old but magically looks more around 18. He was placed away in a mountain with cage like formations for bars that made him really tweaked out. He had a pet bird that unfortunately died outside of his reach.

He also had no food and could only wait for Sanzo to come rescue him. Sanzo obviously did save him only because he couldn't tolerate Goku's 'crying out to him' no longer. So the two left and Sanzo became a 'babysitter' and Goku became one of Sanzo's followers.

His token sayings are "Harahetta!" (I'm hungry) and "Sanzo" (just take a guess). He also likes to fight with Gojyo and is sort of taken care of by Hakkai as well. The best thing about Goku is that he can kick major ass, namely being yokai or Kougaji. The only one that really gets to him is Homura but that's because Homura has some 'Mad War Prince Power' and some sexual induendo.

Lastly, Goku is based off the Monkey King from the Saiyuki Chinese legend just like the Goku from DBZ.
I <3 Goku long time.
by Pristine January 07, 2005

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