Curb Side Sleeper. Once one has consumed numerous drinks and possibly other sources of intoxication (LSD, adderall, blow, moll dogz, boom boom) suddenly passes out, falling to the knees, on the curb.
"Yo I was walking her back to the car after the show and she totally CSS'ed my ass."
by nastynate and mckflaya June 11, 2012
Cock Staring syndrome
Joe: Man, Bailey called me over with a bunch of her friends, I swear, they all have CSS man. Like they didnt even look at my face at all.

Jordan: Sweet man.
by WitnessWhiteness same thing March 19, 2008
"Cascading Style Sheets"
An degenerating technology, designed to seperate Content from Style, in webdesign, when most internet connections used 16k bits/sec dialup modems.
A good example of 'designed by committee'. It is now unwieldy, bloated, inefficient, fundamentally flawed, unnecessary, and a hinderence to progress.
Just like the Mac vs PC arguments, there are numerous loud fans of css, proving a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
wanabee-geek: OMG, you can't use tables in your website. You should spend an extra week doing that 10minute job in CSS.
- i've got deadlines.
- my design works in ALL browsers, ever!
- its future proof.
wanabee-geek: yes butt, yes butt, with my hacks and my reverse exceptions, and a lot of time, i can do almost the same - and i can change the style across the entire site.
professional-geek:my clients have branding. my sites are dynamic. oh fuck it - get educated or drop dead!
by BigJonMX February 16, 2012
Acronym for Controlled Substance Salesperson, which is the politically correct term for one that distributes controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, or any other substance clandestinely referred to as "that shit".
Son: omg stfu! oh.... wait, my CSS is calling
Dad: Your wut??
Son: My dealer, fool! NOW STFU! *click*
by Frozay October 21, 2011
CSS is a largely written programming language often enbedded right in Hyper Text Markup Language.It is often used to create Video Games,make webpages Dynamic,and Used by kids like me to have fun!Go out there,and on the appstore,buy a CSS,JavaScript,And HTML refernence today!
(I Program all of the ones I just listed)
<style type="text/css">

<p> This Text Is Red!!!
by programmer kid August 01, 2012
Can't See Shit
I need my eye prescription updated because I am suffering from CSS!
by JinxHex January 13, 2012
The only game where they have special "fun" maps... Because we all know CSS players are all 1337 pros who all play games for a living.
CSS Game

ult1m4t3_pwnzor: OMG N00B, STOP BLOCKING.

n00blet: lolwut?
by Ze ABC August 04, 2010

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