Used in IM. Means I know.
"Instead of typing three extra letters, I prefer ik."
by UNBIASED TUNER October 20, 2004
Inverse kinematics, used extensively in character animation.

IK is the opposite of FK, forward kinematics. In FK, you move and rotate bones in order to make movement. For an arm (eg), you rotate the shoulder, the arm, the forearm, then the hand, to maybe get your character to hold something.

In IK, you'd start with the hand using an IK target, and move up from there if necessary.
Professional animator: IK is useless. Use motion capture instead if you want to really make moneys.
Hobby animator: IK is a lifesaver!
Noob animator: IK?
by meselfs May 20, 2005
Stands for Inner Kid. Describes either a man or woman that may look, speak, and act like a little kid. Sometimes I.K.'s participate in ageplay.
That twenty year old I.K. sure does like to call me daddy, get spankings, and suck her thumb.
by Daddy's Kitty November 10, 2006
Internet Kid, as used in ageplay. Referred to a person who is actually an adult, but plays a child for an Internet Daddy or Mommy.
I'm a daddy of an ik little girl
by lallet March 04, 2006
Pronounced "eeeekkkk".
A person who is so selfish that they only think of themselves and will not help anyone even if they need medical help or are starving to death.
The word comes from the Ik tribe in Africa in Uganda written about in the book "The mountain people". The people of the Ik tribe live a very selfish lifestyle where it is every person for themselves.
It has been said by some that the people of the modern world are becoming like the Ik tribe. And thus the word Ik.
Don't go to John for help. He's nothing but a Ik.
by Deep blue 2012 June 15, 2010
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