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1. Cock Sucking Service.
2 Usually used when a woman has no talent anything related to Web pages but gets a job on that field. You wonder how she got the job and later knowing she applied CSS with the management
Man 1: Hey men, what happened to your application?
Man 2: I didn't get the job. that bitch applied CSS to overpower me. damn! ik ik..
by josérizal February 24, 2010
1. Also known as "Gloria Vat"
2. It's a Value Added Tax of the former President of the Philippines - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Mostly the victim of the said tax are the middle class citizen in the Philippines. 30% of their monthly salary have to go to the pocket of government officials also known as stolen money. Elite class and Squatter class is not suffering from this kind of anomaly.
Man 1: Bro, how much is your monthly salary and how much is your tax?

Man 2: Well, my monthly salary is 10,000 Php but my monthly tax is 5,245.

Man 1: How come?

Man 2: There's G-Vat, SSS, pag-ibig, philhealth deductions and all the scamming tactics of corrupt people in the Philippines.
by josérizal October 02, 2010
1. When an ass of a woman is one level below its normal position arranged by God.
2. Usually from over sex, a woman's ass sags down one level below the normal alignment from its normal position.
Man 1: Whoa! look at her ass, it's big but it's one below!
Man 2: Yeah, it sucks be like her.
by josérizal March 09, 2010
1. This is what you need to do to be promoted quickly in a Company.
2. This is an "under the table" strategy but promotes you faster since there is no table to limit the person when executing the deed to his boss.
3. Best combined with the word CSS (see def #7 of css)
1. Cher is a new hire from the company. After applying
tableless CSS with his boss. she was immediately promoted to be a Team Leader.
by josérizal February 28, 2010
1. A cock sucker who will do anything to be noticed by a group of higher social standing. This can be in a school, workplace or a social networking sites.
2. A kiss ass

3. +1
4. hero
5. Fake

Let’s always follow the break schedule provided by WFM on a daily basis. The reason why we have alternate breaks is to make sure that there are always people manning the queue.

I take myself as an example even if I am on break, I still take calls. I’m assigned to Cases for example while browsing pictures of model, updating tipidPC posts and browsing facebook, when there's a call in my colleagues phone, I still take the call. In my FACE-book, that’s called Teamwork!
by josérizal January 14, 2011
Poor eyesight but when it comes to boobies and chicks.. Everything seems clear!
Jose: WOW! will you look at that boobies, happiness starts at 34B!
Stranger: ooohh.. now that's optic orb!
by josérizal January 14, 2011
just like spakol, A fusion of Spa and Kantot! A "special" service offered in a "special" spa for REAL men!
Alvin loves spatot. He schedules this every friday.
by josérizal October 26, 2010

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