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noun. Slang word from Gangland-era America that meant an attractive young woman. It was often used to describe a "gangster"'s love interest.
Slick Dan's moll is a fox, but don't let him catch you looking, Joe.
by Sam Spade December 18, 2005
Australian slang for a 'promiscuous' or 'easy' woman. Ussually a woman consiedered unnatractive. Used by teens. Features in the movie 'puberty blues'
She is a dead set moll
What a moll
by janetttt August 16, 2006
Often spelled 'mole'. A moll is traditionally a gangsters female companion. In more recent times it is used to describe a slovenly tart. It is a horrible insult to be called a moll. Molls usually wear too much makeup and wear ugly revealing clothing. Molls behave in a sexually provocative way, but often don't have the looks to justify it. A moll is basically a very ugly slutty woman.
Your momma is just a moll who squats over a puddle of wet horse turd to fart her kids out of her blue waffle when she gives birth.

Look at that grotesque woman, she's such a moll.

My best friend took off her bra and panties at the party and let all the men have their way with her. She is a moll.

Granny likes to hang out with gang members and she lets them all use her body in any way they like. She is a gangsters moll.
by oztrayleah September 12, 2012
Pronounced "Mall."
Another term for Molly- or pure MDMA/ecstasy. Short-term, usually used by ravers to sound casual and relaxed.
Yo, Kevin, think you can get your hands on some moll tonight? I got the glow sticks.
by Speciial Kay April 22, 2009
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