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the most amazing girl you will ever meet. very musical and super sweet... also amazingly beautiful even though she doesnt believe it
guy1: wow bailey is so hot
guy 2: ya she is pretty much perfect but she isnt a jerk about it
by auti April 21, 2008
SEXY HOT GIRL. A girl so hot she doesn't even know so she goes for the assholes or weirdos. Nice ass and good body. Damn she's fine.
Damn, that girl is such a Bailey. Why can't she see how great she is and stop looking at losers like that??
by ellomatey123 February 17, 2009
-A name for both men and women, but mostly used for house pets. It is more common among girls than boys, in terms of people.
-Bailey is also an Irish surname. It is derived from the word "Bailiff".

-Usually brown hair with green or brown eyes. She is very intelligent and has an amazing way with words. She has a great sense of humor and can get anyone to laugh. There's also the kind of Bailey that is quiet and very intelligent along with wise. She knows the answer to just about everything. She has a very surprising side to her, sharp tongue and can kick @$$. She's also secretly very competitive, but tries not to let it out. She's very independent; so independent, in fact, she will go with what she thinks against an entire crowd. She'll sit by herself all day, if she wants. She can prove that she doesn't need other people, but she doesn't realize how easily they would accept her if she gave them a chance. Usually very pretty, but Baileys tend not to care as much or try to be to get accepted by others. If Bailey has a problem with you, she'll let you know; she isn't afraid of anyone!
Hey, Bailey, can you help me out here? I don't get this question.

Her name was Brookelle Bailey.

Did you see that HOT girl walking down the hallway just now? I think her name was Bailey.
by Show$topper January 20, 2011
A girl i met, she is the prettiest girl ever.

>she makes me happy
>shes always there for me

& i love her with all of my heart!
me: i love you

bailey: i love you too
by Trenttt March 14, 2007
to shit on the top of a car and sit in it. Then hold your legs straight up as high as you can and grab your toes. Then slide down the windshield screaming "Arrmageden".
My mom was so pissed when I pulled a bailey on her new car.
by Robert Aldridge December 09, 2006
A girl who is just irresistible. You can't go a full day without thinking about her. She can brighten your day like a freshly lit blunt, soft and crunchy shell tacos with sour cream, orange soda, brownies, pie, and deep-fried anything. Not only do you just want to hug and hold her forever, but also give her a bunch of kisses.
-Did you see that Bailey!? She was fucking amazing.

-Thinkin' of Bailey makes mah heart beat faster.

Dude talking to other dude:

Dude 1: If Bailey ever needs somebody, she can always come to me, bro.

Dude 2: Yeah
by david oral May 16, 2010
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