When a person smells and does not take baths and does not brush teeth
This idot came to my house and he was crispy as fuck!
by ThaDeal March 14, 2011
a girl who has a flaky vagina
Having sex with a crispy girl sucks!

Dude her vagina feels like peeling, I think she's crispy.
by HerroMkay January 04, 2011
- thats cool
- thats sweet
- thats insane
- in some cases thats messed up
Yooo dude, thats crispy.
by C Moase October 15, 2008
a sore caused by overzealous picking and popping of a pimple.
Anna has sooooo many crispies on her forehead today!
by oise September 27, 2007
Something creepy or sketchy that happens when you are high.
That was so crispy when we saw those cops turn their lights on when we tried to hit the bowl.
by Budd Smoker February 10, 2009
noun;overly tan person.Usually also has bleach fried hair and fried brain.As well as fake body parts.
A stupid crispy just hit my car while talking on her cell phone.
Haha! That crispy has Melanoma
by Juliette Laurent December 31, 2008
bencarothers, gingers, good-looking, hott
"ur so crispy"
by socrispy1 December 08, 2008

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