When something is super cool. Or if someone is looking super hot. Or if something super cool happens. Or when you're feeling a nice high. Or if you're just in a generally good place, like in a good mood and things are going swimmingly. It's like a way of life.
Ohhhhh, I'm so crispy right now. I'm feeling so crispilicious. Crispier than a crisp.
by original Killjoys May 22, 2009
a term parallel to the word 'sweet' used when something is exciting, lucky, or cool.
Girl: Whoa I really like Emoe's hair. Girl's Friend: Yeaaaah.. its pretty crispy
by Marieezy April 13, 2007
Chunks of dried, white, gunk usually found in the corner peoples' eyesockets after sleeping.
Eugene is nice, but his crispies are straight out of control.
by Greg B. November 02, 2006
Adjective form; used to describe someone who is extremely angered or flustered
After being held up in line, she became extremely annoyed, to which her friend asked her "Why you be so crispy yo?"
by calicrzy2006 September 22, 2014
Super white, kinda sheltered.
The date was ok, but she was super crispy.
by gingerdelux April 02, 2014
A sexy lady, with great assets
That girl is crispy
by schnipplecreator October 04, 2012
The act of being on point, dominating, destroying, or just all around kicking ass.
Guy 1: Dude he is 30-0 right now!

Guy 2: Yeah dude he is crispy as fuck right now!
by ERAmatica December 30, 2011

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