perfection to which you cook your toast.
biran: "yo, man, that toast was so crispy"
dj: "it's what i do!"
by deejaylovesmaddie December 29, 2009

The equivalent of ashy, for white people. Unpleasant dry, cracked skin. Derives from Krispy Kreme.
Human 1 "Wow, I haven't moisturized in days. I'm so ashy!"

Human 2 "Wait, you're white. You're crispy."

Human 1 "Oh, ya, that's what I meant."
by krispykreme2 March 17, 2010
A word to describe a sexual feeling, simular to male ejaculation.
"Tina got naked for me last night. It got me bare crispy!"
by Emily and Hami December 14, 2007
A well dressed man,usually dressed in hip-hop gear.
My man LaRon over there lookin'all fresh and crispy like he just left the mall!
by NABIH.PHILLIPS October 28, 2007
Noun. A can of beer.
Yo, bro, toss me a crispy.
by Bruce H-let December 13, 2007
Someone who has been in the sun too long and has extremely dark skin that resembles the light after midnight.
Amari, or people who live in the center of africa like your mom
by h May 12, 2004
A person with the mental capacity of a rice crispy treat; an individual with nothing too contribute to society; a waste of oxygen that does not realize it is a drain on society, but instead exhibits a sense of unjustifiable purpose and entitlement in life.
We called her crispy due to her total lack of purpose in life.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003

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