Speaking the truth in a direct, borderline-bitchy manner.
Sorry if I was crispy earlier but I'm not letting her shit all over me again!
by ao'hole August 24, 2010
potato crisps or chips.
Here are some crispies for your to munch.
by uttam maharjan August 04, 2010
When something is super cool. Or if someone is looking super hot. Or if something super cool happens. Or when you're feeling a nice high. Or if you're just in a generally good place, like in a good mood and things are going swimmingly. It's like a way of life.
Ohhhhh, I'm so crispy right now. I'm feeling so crispilicious. Crispier than a crisp.
by original Killjoys May 22, 2009
Super white, kinda sheltered.
The date was ok, but she was super crispy.
by gingerdelux April 02, 2014
When a person smells and does not take baths and does not brush teeth
This idot came to my house and he was crispy as fuck!
by ThaDeal March 14, 2011
a girl who has a flaky vagina
Having sex with a crispy girl sucks!

Dude her vagina feels like peeling, I think she's crispy.
by HerroMkay January 04, 2011
cool, hott, & sexy
everything YOU want to be
sarah is damn crispy
by sarah kohlaaa September 06, 2007

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