Something or someone that is a little bit crappy and a little bit fantastic.
I had the most craptastic day yesterday, everything was going crappy then the most fantastic thing happened.
by SD Beauty Gal January 05, 2012
when something is so crap, it's fantastic
Don't you like my drawing? It's craptastic
by Revvy12 February 14, 2011
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Commie Rat-bastard Asshat Pinko
Totalitarian Anti-American Socialist Tyrannical Ignorant Cretin... See More

Used to describe political progressives
The C.R.A.P.T.A.S.T.I.C.s will use whatever tactic they can come up with to silence dissent and stifle free speech, including, but not limited to, calling concerned citizens a sexually explicit derogatory term (teabagger) in an effort to embarrass, discredit, and shut them down.
MSNBC is a CRAPTASTIC cable channel.
by peg_c May 05, 2010
Everything or something went very crapy
Did you hear about that Jonas Brother concert?

Ya, it was very craptastic.
by Jellytugs March 15, 2010
Something extremely crappy, bad, gross, ugly, or shitty.

The opposite fantastic.
I had a craptastic day.
by Robu February 02, 2010
a reference to the level and quality of service received from a cable provider.
Comcast! It's Craptastic!!
by reabinc December 22, 2009
The antinymn for fantastic. Something that is so crappy that it requires a tastic after it, usually used to denote something unlucky.
I just lost my keys. CRAPTASTIC!
by essedubs November 02, 2009

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