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Something "sweet" but even cooler then that!
dude, that song is totally shweet!
by JAIM3 October 22, 2006
like fantastic!
only the exact opposite
i like tacos, but not taco bell. taco bell is craptastic!
by JAIM3 October 22, 2006
To lack thought. To not have an idea.
"You're toe looks like the one from Shallow Hal"
"I WAS GOING TO SAY THAT! But you already took it.. Let me think of a better way to explain your toe. *thinks* I am idealess."
by JAIM3 November 09, 2006
To have hair that is so long, it can essentially cover your body (breasts, vagina, butt, etc) like clothes.
Adam's wife Eve has hair covers her whole body quiet conveniently. She is working that Eve hair!
by JAIM3 February 26, 2011

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