totally shitty, really rotten, must be said very sarcastically
"Hey, how's your day?"
by Mom2my3bs~Krista February 22, 2007
Neo-Con, Airhead Yuppie, Corporate Libertarian or other overpaid, gormless but rich whacko rightwinger. Someone who thinks 45000 Americans dying each year is preferable to free healthcare.

Think Banker who screwed up and despite his self-proclaimed "rugged individualism", went crying to government for a bailout. Upwards of a trillion dollars was given to them at our expense, and despite the fact Bush gave it to them, they now proclaim loudly that the deficit it caused is Obama's fault.
CRAPTASTIC: Cretinous Rabid Anti Progressive Thickhead And Stupid Totally Incompetent Capitalist
by Ingrate2222 September 12, 2010
refers to anything that is fantastically crappy!!
Why did she bring all her craptastic friends to the party??
by Tam*tastic March 11, 2010
It's the opposite of fantastic, meaning your day was just absolute crap! You wait, the phrase will catch on :)
Heather was having a Craptastic day when she was up until 3:00 and got woken up at 6:30!
by PatchellSatchel February 10, 2010
craptastic is anything that is really boring, non-interesting, stupid, bad, moronic, and idiotic.
Someone: "Hey, Jim, how was your first day at work?"

Jim: "I got fired..."

Someone: "What a craptastic day you had."
by Someguyontheinternet October 28, 2009
Craptastic is a cross between crappy and fantastic. Craptastic can be used to describe an event so crappy on a large scale, that you just sit back and watch it in all its crappy glory. For instance, your buddy puts his car in the ditch the first day he has it.
Eric: Dude, can you give me a hand?
Corey: With what?
Eric: I kinda put my car in a ditch...
Corey: Where are you at, I'll be there in a few minutes...
--->5 minutes later
Corey: Dude... this is definately a craptastic moment for ya.. Especially cuz I dont have a tow rope!
by Teh Phantom240 January 11, 2007
used to describe something that is so bad it it extremely entertaining due to obvious mistakes or complete lack of skill.
Did you see that movie? It was Craptastic!
by revbqjNm;qew September 29, 2012

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