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(Chinese) An aquired skill.
Cooking is just as much a kung fu than Wing Chun or Hsing I.
by Bladen June 04, 2003
n. A person who has upgraded their status to normal from being a retard.

adj. The process of changing from bieng a retard to being normal.
n. That guy use to be in the retard class but now he is in our class, he must be an untard.

adj. That guy must have untarded himself.
by Bladen June 23, 2003
The Chinese word for martial arts.
As opposed to kung fu.
Neo should have said "I know wushu".
by Bladen June 04, 2003
A sarcastic use of "fantastic". Indeed saying that something is crap.
Geez man, that english lesson sure was craptastic.
by Bladen June 26, 2003
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