1.Something that is unexplicably tackey 2. A foul smell that deserves recognition.
That double wide is craptastic.

Look at that craptastic lady over there.


What is that craptastic odor?

That fart was craptastic!
by The Sam James April 17, 2008
1.Opposite of Fantastic
2.Really Crappy, bad
3.Really Stupid
The music is Craptastic
by Minature November 03, 2007
1. The absolute best of something bad.
2. When you are happy to get bad news.
1. His work was so terrible it was Craptastic
2. Craptastic - I am glad I finally got that 1000 dollar fine.
by Norbu September 20, 2006
Extra crappy or terrible.
What is up with the craptastic music on the radio today?
by Hmurf January 29, 2009
if something is shit or bad
well today was craptastic

I fell craptastic after that long day at school
by bakes.22 January 27, 2009
The crappest of all crap.
"I'm going to kill you"
"Awww, that's just craptastic"

"Dude you're the most craptastic person I know"
by Framoes June 12, 2003
1.noun the quality of being full of crap.
2.noun the fusion of crap and fantastic.
Damn! Kangaroo Jack was craptastic. That bitch Jerry Bruckheimer owes me 9 bucks!
by argo 5 April 29, 2003

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