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When you sit on the toilet for so long your legs go numb.
One time I was on the toilet at work playing on my phone and looking at pictures of girls I’ve slept with and I got crappled. I had to crawl out under the bathroom stall door using my hands and drag my body back to my desk. After a few minutes I was able to feel my legs again and pull up my pants.
by Bilbo D. Faggins October 15, 2012
crippled for fear of crapping your self
Dude I almost crapped myself because I was so crappled last night.
by ittybittytittycomittee May 08, 2010
the intentional recruitment of random strangers into the Reddit community on boring Mondays.
We crappled a random Twitter user on a boring Monday and now his is our King for a day.
by Funkoma January 10, 2011
destroyed competition by "re-innovating" slumbering and badly implemented technology.
MP3 players crappled, tablets crappled
by diskgrinder March 23, 2010