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synonym for cool, awesome, chill
can also be used in the form "crawlin"
"Dude, that shirt is so crawlin"
by ciaoqtbangerrr5 June 09, 2009
crawl - noun, a large unified traveling group of zombies
The crawl overtook the fences that was separating the survivors from danger.
by Thadeus Thunderwinkle November 15, 2013
a dance done by search engine spiders on the web

when a spider crawls your website, it gathers up all the links and keywords on your web pages, then crawls into all the web pages pointed to by your links

this dance is sometimes called "crawling the web"

robots.txt files can be used to limit what spiders do when they crawl your website -- assuming it's a spider that obeys the rules

by dsimms April 21, 2008
The action of moving slowly.
"I stumble than I crawl"

"I've got this feeling crawling in my skin", like saying "I've got this feeling moving slowly over my skin"
by Frank February 20, 2005
to ride slow. drive on spokes or deuces or better
me and my homies be crawlin and bangin some screw
by astrosown09 January 08, 2007
To give oral to soemone.
I got that whore to crawl last night, and man it felt good.
by Dandi November 03, 2004
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