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A nickname given to Apple, who makes the iMac (iCrap), iPod (CrapPod), AppleTV (CrappleTV), iPhone (CrapPhone), and iPad (CrapPad). Crapple is notorious for their capability to woo people with a shiny case and a nifty gimmick, but no other endearing qualities, often with a hefty price tag. Their computers are known for being very shiny (literally and figuratively), but having a major lack of software support, and being bragged about because of features any other computer in the world does just as well, if not better.

Also refers to the iCrap in some cases.
I wanted to play the new game that came out with my friend, but he bought a Crapple computer.
#apple #crap #ipod #crappod #icrap #imac #iphone #crapphone
by Gandalf20000 January 30, 2010
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