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a hangover
steve's off sick today with a bad case of wine flu after last night's extended revelry
by diskgrinder September 24, 2010
adjective: description of the facial expression of someone who is mardy, annoyed, or angrily disappointed by events. The phrase comes from early 1980's East Midlands (Rutland) slang. Similar to "having a face like a smacked bum".
Sharon got slart-faced when her boyfriend talked to Tina.
by diskgrinder June 22, 2006
verb, present participle thereof, the act of calling for ideas from prospective employees, take the best, tell them you're already working on that, release lookalike later
my idea for a high def day in the life of a crab docudrama was total beebing by David Attenborough
by diskgrinder March 23, 2010
destroyed competition by "re-innovating" slumbering and badly implemented technology.
MP3 players crappled, tablets crappled
by diskgrinder March 23, 2010

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