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A contraction of the company "Apple" Inc. and the products that it clobbers together from preexisting off-the-shelf products made by other companies, otherwise known as "Crap".
Question: Why doesn't crapple have any engineers?

Answer: Because a company of high school dropouts (like CEO Steve Jobs) are jealous of intellect. They either scare engineers away if they happen to hire one, or they chew them up and spit them out after stealing their technical knowledge and ideas and claim them as their own.

Q: Does John Geleynse STILL "work" as Director of Crapple's "World -Wide Technologies Evangelism" sit-there-and-gossip department in spite of the fact that he lied about having a college degree and has absolutely no skills?

A: Yes in spite of the fact that he has leaked employees' and customers' personal information taken from crApple's Apple Directory database to his Psychotic Church affiliates both inside and outside of crApple. And in spite of the fact he has outstayed the "Klingons". What else would you expect from a no-trick-pony icon artist that exemplifies Crapple?
by DanTheMan23 January 31, 2011
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