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A system file on the Wii, that helps to run wii games.
i need to get a modded ios for my USB Loader, on my wii.
by CheatFreak47 August 18, 2012
14 32
A superior state of mind of growing astonishment.
ios!!! Look! A flying pork!
by Sceptre_JLRB May 17, 2009
35 72
International Online Soccer,a modification for half life. originally thought to be one of the pioneers in the creation of the acronym FTW and zomg
"ZOMG wanna play ios"
"ofc i wanna play ios, ios is ftw zomg what server?"
"dunno but Lua is a noob"
by Joey Von Boey a.k.a Hats``` January 25, 2006
14 62