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something that doesn't really gain you any marks at all - teachers just enjoy laughing at you whilst you spend every waking hour frantically doing it, lose your sanity and then, inevitably, your hair.

solution: write copious ammounts of crap to punish the poor sod who has to mark it. mwah hah.
...I have chosen this hypothesis because it is now 3am and my brain has actually just given up, slipped out of my ear and run off with the cat.
by parlez February 08, 2005
The biggest cause of suicide among students.
Half my class are dead thanks to coursework!
by thejamdude January 30, 2006
The inevitable end to your free time
"Hey you free tonight man?"
"No i'v got coursework to do"
by Vincentenial November 26, 2004
Either a HUGE Essay or Project, COursework threatens the sanity and life of a young innocent teenager. I have been doing my Gegraphy Coursework and I swear, it kills because THERE IS SO F*****G MUCH TO DO!!!!

*4.00 A.M.*

"Oh, man still doing my Coursework..."

*9.45 A.M.*

"WTF its due in... No, No NO!"
by Maiev May 12, 2005
evil, pure evil

probably the worst thing that you can ever do at school

::runs in corner and quivers::
coursework: do me now!
me: no please dont make me!
coursework: NOW!
me: grrrrrrrrrrrr
by blkmage12 December 03, 2004
Work made to completely melt a student's head for no particular reason and leave them lying on the ground in their bedroom crying "I wanna kill myself!!!!!"
"I want this coursework done for tomorrow"
by Coursework sucks!!! September 29, 2005
its what i am ment to be doing right now...
iits like 20% of your exam
causes major lack of sleep, loss of social time and frequently, suicide
geography is the worst!!!
basicalli its a joke!!but get it done, else youll end up like me and have like all of it at once!!!
omfg!!!my physics, chemistry, biology english and geography coursework is in 4 ded!!!
by scari jess <3 December 09, 2006
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