A way to give the less able students a chance at scoring at least over 10% in their final mark through a shitty piece they found on the internet.
'Thanks to Coursework i can get an extra 15 percent, but have no life besides the work.'
by Edd Carr October 25, 2007
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Like homework but 10x worse. Wastes lots of time for a small percentage of an exam. one could spend the same amount of time one wud hav used doing coursework to work and earn money, rather than getting qualifications to earn less money in the future. More money now, rather than less money later.
Have you done the coursework children?

Fuck you, you crazy bitch, you better get outta my fuckin site before i bitch slap yo ass bak to where u fukkin came from u arab!
by John Smith February 15, 2004
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the bane off all Yr 9's 10's and 11's
it is bollocks if you try and put it off for the night b4 it has to be in but you r always planning to do somthin the night you were going to do it!!!!
wellacre technology college has shit course work!!!!!!!!!!!!
by god May 14, 2003
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when youtake a teachers head andwipe your arse with it
by sexually confused tossa October 22, 2003
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