A tedious thing which requires undeserving teenagers to compile data and analyse things that they really don't give a crap about and which they have trouble understanding that anyone would give a crap about. Coursework makes up at least 20% of most GCSE grades and is completely unfair because it's not so much about what students know or how clever they are as how they present data and how long their analysis' are.
Teacher: So I'm handing back your draft copies of coursework - it was absolute rubbish, by the way - and I expect it in by tomorrow morning. I don't care if it's your birthday today. I don't care that you have no idea what to do and I don't care if your grandfather's funeral is tonight. You WILL hand in your completed coursework tomorrow or I'll write down that you failed to hand it in and your GCSE grade will never get higher than a C, even if you ace the exam.
by Zacarias_G February 17, 2008
Like homework but 10x worse. Wastes lots of time for a small percentage of an exam. one could spend the same amount of time one wud hav used doing coursework to work and earn money, rather than getting qualifications to earn less money in the future. More money now, rather than less money later.
Have you done the coursework children?

Fuck you, you crazy bitch, you better get outta my fuckin site before i bitch slap yo ass bak to where u fukkin came from u arab!
by John Smith February 15, 2004
dude...like..the freakin end to your free time. sooo much of it...for all different subjects! mention this word to any yr10/11 and its likely they will: bite your head off,swear,cower away in a corner or run. Coursework causes you to lose your hair and lack precious sleep.
m8: heyo, comin up nappo chillin' wiv us tonite
me: nah bruv got coursework init

allow coursework!
by omdz all names are gone October 18, 2006
the single, most tedious waste of time ever because:

a] it barely counts for anything
b] it is stupidly long
c] you are alwaya given one night less than you need to do it
and d] if i was born one academic year later i wouldnt have to be not doing it now to write this defenition
i got my history coursework today, its due in two days

by willamundo February 06, 2008
the most torturous thing you can ever be given!
it's given to young innocent teenagers, and builds up and up until you have no control of it, it ends up with a life of it's own, whilst ruining yours and OBLITERATES your free time.
teachers sadistically like to give it to students during the holidays (christmas, summer) and expect it to be done...
i already have 5 pieces due in for tomorow that i havent done!
kev: hey u wana come chill with us tomoro nyt??
tom: nah man, i cant, coursework to do.
by starsinthesky January 02, 2007
The murderer of all your spare time, honestly.
Meant to be doing it now.
It will kill you. Trust me.
And do it now before you find yourself doing 4 pieces at the same time.
Teacher: Your coursework is to write a five page essay and present it with three diagrams and you need at least two drawings and one piece of data from an internet source. Remember, one page of bibligraphy!

Students: When is it in for miss?

Teacher: Tomorrow.

Students: *die*
by Maxiie January 03, 2009
Contrary to popular belief teachers dont actually enjoy Marking endless amounts of coursework again and again. handing it back then having to mark a load of new shit for 30 students . Also theres the added delight of knowing that 60% of the class copied theres from the internet
"I have 30 Shakespeares essays to mark plus the year 9 exams by next week". "Coursework is a pain the ass
by teacher1232 March 03, 2008
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