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3 definitions by blkmage12

evil, pure evil

probably the worst thing that you can ever do at school

::runs in corner and quivers::
coursework: do me now!
me: no please dont make me!
coursework: NOW!
me: grrrrrrrrrrrr
by blkmage12 December 03, 2004
(pronuncination-an-oy-ing) The most fujin annoying thing microsofe EVER made. It pops up just when you dont need it to piss you off once more
Clippit:How may i help you?
Me:Yaaaarrrrgggghhhh diiiieeee
by blkmage12 November 13, 2004
A game with one basic principle..............incest.

sequal to fatal frame

Still a great game though, about two twins who finish a ritual in some forgotten villadge.

But it really means Incest.....so obvious
Kay: Wow, this game means so much!
Me: yeah.....like Incest
Kay: True dat

(okayt his never really happend......)
by blkmage12 November 23, 2004