Enforcers of the law, or just lifeless pig losers who when are bored arrest skateboarders or harrass people...coppers really have no power its all about the judge..fuck the police they need to do ther jobs and stop talkin to snitches..investigate on ther own..the pigs,popo,jakes,5-0,heat,the man, fuck em all...screw them
Cop: Hey Doug, who did you see leaving the store?
Doug: I dont know, your the cops..investigate..do your job or pay me
by Sheist May 21, 2007
Cop does not mean 'to steal'. It means 'to acquire'.
I went to Value World and copped a hot red shirt...I'm proud of myself.
by isthatsoquestionmark January 22, 2005
get something,
in other words like get it...
but cop it sounds better....
ya dig/?!??
Yo I'm cop me those jordans!
Did u cop it?
by d!3g0 October 25, 2007
A show in which the person caught is always watching themselves on tv.
Guy: Hey, look at that guy, I bet he's watching himself right now! What a loser!
*Cops burst in*
Guy: Oh, hell.
by Sjork the Viking March 09, 2007
desperate asses who try to fill their quota by hiding and if they see you do anything, they act like an ass
two kids fight in front of their friends, cops get there, one friend smiles, a cop needs to fill his quotia, says to kid "you being funny?" kid"no!" cop "you trying to be funny?" kid "no, seriously!" cop "shut the fuck up, funny poeple go in the car!" kid charged with lying to officer
by chriso6 October 16, 2009
1.A sexual pervert who uses the power of the badge to help obtain sexual gratification.

2.A sexual pervert. Period.
1.There was a prison guard from Bastrop who went to Austin and used his badge to get sexual favors from men. What doesn't surprise me about that is that the victims assumed the impersonator really was a faggot cop, as most of them are. No wonder they have that "blue wall of silence."

2.Margo Frasier. Period.
by TheBlisteringTruth January 02, 2005
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