5 definitions by yobkcis

A non-handicapped lard ass that rides one of those scooter things around the shopping center because they are too lazy to walk.
Watch out for that lazy fat assed scooter cruiser. She's not handicapped, she's just fat. She will run you over if you are not careful
by yobkcis June 25, 2004
A person who performs anal sex on a man. Also known as the pitcher. He is usually paired with a pillow biter.
Are you a pillow biter or an ear blower?
by yobkcis June 25, 2004
All night bowling alley. Usually frequented by tweakers. Using a lot of methamphetamine or tweak will cause the idea of all night bowling to be attractive.
Dude I'm so fucking wired, lets go to tweaker bowl and watch the twigs trying to roll strikes.
by yobkcis June 25, 2004
To obtain illegal drugs.
I just copped. Let's get fucked up.
by yobkcis June 25, 2004
The substance that is felched from a gay man's anus after he has been anally penetrated.
I sucked out that boy's asshole and it was like pudding in a cloud.
by yobkcis June 25, 2004

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