Law enforcement officials; police officers.
The cops busted into my house today and searched everything, only to find that they had the wrong address.
by BlastMaster June 18, 2003
80% of the time: An average guy on a slight power trip just doing what he told to do and wasting other peoples' time. Cops are usually trained to think that they're 'better' than citizens. Can commonly be found writing tickets, drinking coffee, and eating donuts. Perhaps sometimes they break up parties, pull over someone for DUI, or something similar. Not very adept at thinking, though. In really dangerous areas however, cops are usually bigger jackasses, but for once they're doing something useful (i.e. their JOBS.)

18% of the time: A jackass on a huge power trip that uses his enforcement powers to indirectly invoke a silly measuring contest. These guys (or also women, because female cops from my observations tend to be huge bitches with a need to act tough) feel good from humiliating people, using the maximum amount of force necessary, acting superior, etc. Tends to be the kind with a huge ego who bullied/was bullied in school and is trying to make up for it.

2% of the time: Good, hardworking people who reluctantly enforce stupid laws as little as possible while taking true violent offenders off the street. Usually pretty nice to ordinary people and good at diffusing situations.
Most cops are kind of lame, but not too horrible, a good portion are complete jackasses, and a few are worthy people. Sounds like most of society.
by shadow creator February 15, 2008
Abbreviation of constable on patrol.

A member of society who decides to uphold a corrupt system of justice that insists on punishing small time criminals while allowing millionaires, politicians, and CEO's to walk away with a slap on the wrist.
Observe how cops are only able to protect the areas of new york where the wealthy are situated while doing nothing about the crime ridden areas easily found elsewhere.
by elkov August 10, 2005
steal or walk out of a place with
"I went to the dealership and copped me a pimped-out Suburban for 40 G."
"I copped a feel on yo' bitch in that volleyball game, nigga!"
by Nick D February 13, 2003
One of the first reality tv shows that airs on fox saturday nights at 8pm.
Lets watch COPS tonight.
by Koko November 28, 2004
COP - Constable on Patrol
slang for a Patrol officer who walked on a beat now applied to any Police officer
He just stole my car call the cops
by iolair February 14, 2005
A government-funded genetically defective perverted fuckstain with the intellect of stale dog shit. Cops act like tyrannical assholes in attempts to make up for sexual inadequacies/shortcomings/predilections/cofusion.
"I became a cop so I could carry a gun, because it's the closest thing to a hard-on I'll ever experience, because my dick looks like a limp cocktail weenie. I'm afraid of women making fun of what they call my 'extra belly button.' Hell, I gotta admit, Women never really did it for me anyway. But it's different when I'm watching kiddie porn. Then it becomes the hardest cocktail weenie you ever saw. I can't make up my mind whether I like boys more than girls."

---Exerpt taken from taken from a policeman during an interview. The piece of shit requested total anonymity for fear of losing his job, while being cornholed by his partner.
by The Blistering Truth June 09, 2005

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