Cunts on patrol
Those cops stole all my damn weed and threw me in jail.
by Cop dropper March 19, 2010
Middle class white people who voted for bush and own a bunch of guns and use intimidation and threats to get you to cooperate
Cops: the biggest street gang in america
by J-man49 August 26, 2008
fuck em.
Known as police officers,
but really elaborate assholes in a uniform.

also known as Po Po's, the fuzz, the heat,
by GUndaSmit February 11, 2009
An officer of the law whose job is to be an asshole and get people in trouble. Most of them are young, ugly guys who were most likely idiots in school so they chose the first profession that came to mind.
A: Dude, I got a ticket for going 30 in a 25. That's so pointless.
B: That cop must have been a real doucher.
by Kenny Naylor July 09, 2009
stupid whores that have nothing better to do then harrasing kids for skateboarding and giving them a fine for being out passed curfew
thanks to them damn cops i have a fucking $186 fine to pay all cops should burn in hell
by marshal mathers August 19, 2006
1. Colloqial for police officer.
2. To shoot up heroin.
3. To steal, hustle, or any other illicit activity.
1. The cop pulled me over for doing 90 in my STi when I should have been doing 40.
2. The punks used to cop out in the back alley during shows.
by tetsoysauce September 27, 2007
The people we hate when we are breaking the law, but the people we love when the wrong people go crazy.
I hate cops when I get pulled over, but love cops when im at the mall and some crazy guy is killing people with an AK-47
by Optical_Epilepsy April 22, 2011
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