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The subject of an experiment conducted by mad crazy quatum physics man named Schrödinger. Here is the kicker of the experiment: Most believe that Schrödinger was attempting to prove that the cat was both dead and alive at a single point in time. This is not quite true. The fellow was merely attempting to prove that the rules regarding microscopic objects (such as particles that can be in "dual states" so to speak) are in no way governed by the established laws for macroscopic objects (a cat). You see, it is well established that a cat is either A. Dead or B. Alive. Schrödinger put his cat in a solid lead box with a vial of gaseous hydrocyanic acid (HCN(g)) and a radioactive isotope with an established half life of about one hour. Because a single particle was used, the chance of it decaying was 50/50. The vial would be broken when the particle decayed, and the cat, being rather allergic to hydrocyanic acid, would die. The problem arises here. After an hour, the single radioactive particle, speaking on quatum terms, was in a dual state of decay and, eh, not decay. The laws of quatum physics say that all items in a closed system can be related with well known and well tested equations. Using these equations, the cat is in a dual state of being dead and alive. Not possible. Therefore, there can be no assumptions made regarding the relations of macroscopic objects and microscopic objects.

However, I believe the cat was just a clear cut zombie cat.
Schrödinger's Cat is actually so complicated that even though I tried to explain it in the simpliest terms I could, I made no sense.
by Nope4810 April 19, 2005
A phrase used to refer to females who are rather short. The phrase indicates that they wouldn't even have to bend down to "top off the night", if you know what I'm saying.

Generally a hyperbole.
"Wow, man, your girlfriend is really short!"
"Yeah, she's just the right height, if you know what I'm saying.
by Nope4810 April 19, 2005
Any aspect of a male's apperance, personality, possessions, etc. that might prevent him from getting laid.
"Wow, those man-boobs you got going on there are first class poon repellant."

"You think you're getting laid in that '82 Tercell? Ha, that thing's poon repellant hardcore."
by Nope4810 May 15, 2005
Official harasser of the unsuspecting public.
The cop stopped the guy and took his information, 'cause otherwise he might actually have to work.
by Nope4810 April 15, 2005
(slang) A sperm cell that is ejected at th end of masterbation. So, to "train a few suicide bombers" is to masterbate.
You going to the game?

No, I think I'm heading home to train a few suicide bombers.
by Nope4810 June 29, 2005
Arguably the most moronic book to ever masquerade as a masterpiece. The main problem is, of course, the completely pointless butchering of the English language. I mean really, if I wanted to read writing that garbled I would just read Shakespeare.
"...with his glazzies glazed and sort of burbling slovos like 'Aristotle wishy washy works outing cyclamen get forficulate smartish'."
by Nope4810 April 14, 2005

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