Metal cone that sits in the stem of a bong, you light the herb in the cone with a lighter keeping it lit while you pull air through the bong inhailing the smoke.
where you would say, "tokeing on a reafer." you
would be "pulling on a cone."
by Kitty-perv December 26, 2009
1. Pothead
1. Sup Cone, smoke this blunt with me?
2. Your such a cone!
by Jake the Blinger December 14, 2009
a looser, tool, or just a stupid goofball
"Kate- stop being such a giant cone"
or simply as a last name if the coneyness is overwhelming, "Look- It's David Cone"
by Lauren of BHS :) July 08, 2003
To have sex with someone.

Used as a secretive verb amongst men in the Manchester area (UK). The word 'cone' originated for men wishing to brag in public amongst friends about who/how many people they have 'coned', without females knowing what they are talking about.

Additionally 'cone' can be used as a noun, as a naming word for the subject of a person the man wishes to have sex with, or 'cone'.

The word 'cone' should be used with other indirect words to create an encoded sentence, understandable only to those familiar to those familiar with the word.
I stole the Norwegians cone (you slept with the Norwegian girl)

If i had that cone, i'd be thrilled (encoded desire to have sex with a particular person)

It was the best cone Ive stolen yet (your best shag)

I spoke to my cone on the phone (speaking to the person you have had sex with on the phone)

That cone looks good in orange (a reference to an attractive ginger)

I wouldnt want that cone, it looks really heavy

That cone seems a bit dirty and old (a reference to a non MILF)

Hmm, see that cone over there? Its far too plastic for me, I like my cones made naturally (a reference to fake breasts)
by Manc-coner October 12, 2009
Take a sports field cone, turn it upside down and attach a 25mm tap fitting to the bottom. Your standard sports field cone can take about five standard cans of beer, which can then be skulled at the speed of gravity.
Tasker, would you rather have one cone or three rum shots?
Fuck the rum shots, the only thing I'd rather have than a cone is a blow job.
Five can cone?
Yeah bro, hook me up.
by james laurence February 03, 2009
Sum one thats addicted to drugs. A junky.
Cone keep blowing up my phone with all that change..
by Tmagic2k8 October 14, 2008
Get fucked over repeatedly or have something get worse- Because unlike getting "the cock", cone just keeps getting wider.
"Man, first the boss gave us a shift on the long weekend, now he made it 15 hours long, we're getting cone."
by Rageaholic October 13, 2005

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