substitute for epic bong hit, bowl of weed, etc.

also used as a verb, noun, adjective, anything. (see examples)
"i smoked a cone before work and still made 200 dollars in tips off of 5 tables."
"would you like to get coned and play excitebike?"
"do you have any cones or are we going to scrape resin?"
by conus July 12, 2006
(n) Cone-shaped life form, often orange but occasionally green and very rarely fluoro yellow. Often gathers with similar species around construction sites. Different species of cones are rarely found intermixed with one another.

Species range from very small (sidewalk, 20cm high by 15cm wide) to regular (city, 40cm high by 25cm wide) to huge (highway, 1m high by 45cm wide)

Often the victims of "coneing" (v), a non-competitive team sport where the participants collect large numbers of cones and store them for later use.

Anti-coneing (v) is the opposite action. Usually constituted by coneing off an unpopular person or persons' driveway or street, or simply using cones as crude projectile weapons thrown from moving vehicles.

Anti-coneing is often accompanied by shooting paintballs from slingshots at random targets (usually white vans or 4x4's), and general delinquency.
"Let's go coneing!"

"How did you fit that highway cone in your car?"
"I managed, but it was a raid."

A: "We should anti-cone John's house!"
B: "What about Pam's?"
A: "She's next."
by Traffic-Cone-Liberation-Force September 15, 2004
1. (noun, derogatory) A passenger on a cruise ship.

Crew members refer to passengers as "cones" for two reasons: First, for the first few days of a cruise, passengers don't have their sea legs yet and tend to stagger into crew members in the narrow hallways. They must be dodged like traffic cones. The other reason to dodge cones is that they will invariably stop a crew member to ask a question when the crew member is in a hurry. It is an insulting term used behind passengers' backs.

2. (verb) For a crew member of a cruise liner to have sex with a passenger.

It is against most cruise lines policy for crew members to "fraternize" with passengers. Usually, "coning" is a fireable offense. Nevertheless, some "cone fiends" (a play on "coke fiend") find a thrill in regularly pursuing this dangerous pastime.
1. Sorry I was late, some fucking cone couldn't find her kid.

2. That moron assistant cruise director got shit-canned for coning, but the ass on that bitch would have almost been worth it!
by Bunky42 July 24, 2009
a social reject. one who does not fit in, or is considered repulsive by others
''That Jim is such a loser."
"Yeah, what a cone."
by kookyvidahd August 20, 2009
peice ona bong used for packin weed into
i just smoked a thumb packed cone and pulled it in one
by kristle November 25, 2003
Metal cone that sits in the stem of a bong, you light the herb in the cone with a lighter keeping it lit while you pull air through the bong inhailing the smoke.
where you would say, "tokeing on a reafer." you
would be "pulling on a cone."
by Kitty-perv December 26, 2009
1. Pothead
1. Sup Cone, smoke this blunt with me?
2. Your such a cone!
by Jake the Blinger December 14, 2009

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