a woman’s breast ( slang ) (usually used in the plural)
That bitch Pamela shur got some big fake cones.
by Tyler Durden June 28, 2003
An object used for the usage of drugs.
I had a cone today, I'm sticking to joints.
by future X March 22, 2003
Someone really stupid.
(S)he's such a cone!
by Poppy Mini February 12, 2009
To pull someone's pants off against their will, especially in public.
We coned him in the parking lot.
by BillySkeletilly. October 28, 2006
Man with big man titties
Dude! You got fucking cones!
by HackMachine September 08, 2003
An athlete who isn't very good at the sport he/she is playing. Often the player has the athletic ability of an orange street cone.
The coach wouldn't but Chris in the game because he is a "Cone"
by Vegas March 23, 2003
The white plastic thing that Hunter has around his neck on the NBC show "Father of the Pride".
Hunter, it sure is good that you don't have to wear that cone anymore. Is it okay if I pick you up and cuddle you now? :)
by fixman88 October 20, 2004

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