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A furry blue monster from Sesame Street who takes out his sexual frustration on baked goods.
Me want COOKIE!
by biteme April 15, 2004
A county that is supposedly one of the richest in the COUNTRY, yet fails to administer doors to classrooms and bathroom stalls or textbooks that aren't at least 8 years old unless you were born in the right year.
We have cash, but screw the kids!
by Biteme November 16, 2004
The true saviour of Mankind, Grimace Christ.
Grimace died for your sins!
by biteme April 15, 2004
dis, belittle
You got coned when she pushed your wig back.
by biteme October 25, 2002
A VERY premature ejaculation.
After seeing his mates pants glistening:

"dubble you tee eff mayte, did you just khrys yourself?!?"
by biteme May 08, 2004
a band whose fans think they are unique and cool but in fact is mediocre at best.
- I'm going to a fightstar gig to listen to some proper music
- Fuck off.
by biteme January 19, 2005

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