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to exaggerate for dramatic effect, usually in speech; see also Sheriff John Bunnell
I've told you a thousand times to turn that TV off!
by fixman88 August 16, 2004
television remote control; term dates from the late 1960s when the first tv remotes made a loud click when the buttons were pressed (because they sent an audible high-pitched noise to a microphone in the tv which would then change channels or volume. The click was actually a small hammer inside the remote that struck a small metal tube which made it resonate. Each button on the remote had it's own tube.) The type was discontinued due to the fact that someone dropping their keys or the phone ringing would cause the tv to go crazy and change channels by itself.
I can't find the clicker. Did it get lost in the couch again?
by fixman88 August 16, 2004
Alternate term for plushie; a plush toy or stuffed animal
Origin: British English (aka The Queen's English)
"My, what a cute stuffie you have there!"
by fixman88 April 08, 2004
The host of the Fox Network television show 'The World's Wildest Police Videos'. Known for his level of hyperbole in his descriptions of the on-screen action.
see the show for an example
by fixman88 August 16, 2004
A computer-animated comedy show on NBC. It features a family of white lions who live at Siegfried and Roy's Secret Forest compound in Las Vegas. There's Larry, Kate, and their kids Sierra and Hunter, along with Kate's father Sarmoti (who lives with them).
Hunter is adorable, not to mention cuddlesome!
by fixman88 October 20, 2004
A type of chocolate candy made by Hershey's that looks like chocolate Pringles potato chips. Available in milk chocolate, Reese's peanut butter cup, and York peppermint patty flavors.
Man, these chocolate Swoops sure are good!
by fixman88 August 16, 2004
The white plastic thing that Hunter has around his neck on the NBC show "Father of the Pride".
Hunter, it sure is good that you don't have to wear that cone anymore. Is it okay if I pick you up and cuddle you now? :)
by fixman88 October 20, 2004
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