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Someone who smokes cock like it is a crack pipe.
I saw Billy taking a drag on a cockpipe so hard he sucked the sack flat.
by Slappy1 June 30, 2006
The urethra. The tube running through the male reproductive organ
Man#1 cockpipe
Man#2 COCKPIPE!!!!
if you dont shut up i will shove a pineapple up your cockpipe sir.
by rabadabadongscrotch April 03, 2007
The throat of a female, homosexual male, or some dogs, that's primary function is to produce a path for a penis to flow.
"Man I hope she gives me a blowjob tonight."

"No way man, she's got the flu. Her cockpipe is all sorts of clogged up."

"Nah dude I know. It just needs some plumbing."
by bigthumb October 11, 2009