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Pornified version of the movie Black Hawk Down.
"Ok, I had the idea that there were gonna be black cocks in this for some reason. I mean, why else would they call it Black Cock Down? I'm going home."
by AnotherJon July 28, 2006
The act of strapping your sex partner's arms to a ceiling fan, laying underneath them with your dick in their orifice, and turning the fan on so they spin around on your dick.Usually accompanied by helicopter sound effects or yelling.
"Speaking of Helicopters, my girlfriend gave me a Black Cock Down last night."
"Don't ask..."
by Keeperofreptiles November 17, 2012
White girl down for ze Black Cock!
Cade is trying to get Black Cock Down, but once you go black you never go back!
by BCDftw March 14, 2014
named after a video game but now it is a term used when your dick is being bitten really hard by your girl friend
Jenna: Oh, yea you like that you bad boy.


Jenna: Oh, sorry.
by Blackman231 August 23, 2008
black cock down- when your girl is naked on the bed run and jump whilst having an errection and land your dick straight into her pussy
dude me and your mom last night got sick of playing trival pusuit so instead we i landed a black cock down on her helipdad if you know what i mean
by tripp and justin made this November 10, 2007
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