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adj. That which is first, foremost, or central.

n. The primary one of a group.
You must complete primary school before you may attend secondary school.

A secondary planet orbits a primary.
by Downstrike May 23, 2004
The main woman or man that an individual is dating.
Yo dhat ho is not da primary, he got a biotch at home
by nyc nice February 04, 2007
Verb. Usually as "to primary." To propose a challenger candidate against an incumbent politician during the primary and then do everything you can to insure the neophyte challenger is victorious over the incumbent. Thus, the incumbent becomes a regular citizen again and is free to pursue the rest of his or her political ambitions overtly bought out as a lobbyist or Washington attorney. This is the tool of last resort when a politician no longer represents the interests of his or her constituency, but of a special interest or heavy-hitting contributor that overshadows the will of the people back home.
I promise to primary any politician who votes against Social Security, Medicare, or Veterans' Benefits.
by Hot East April 12, 2013
Avatar® course jargon.

The designer of the Avatar® Course defines a primary as "a creation or communication invested with sufficient intention and effort to create a reality."

So what is your primary? What reality you want to create?
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 16, 2007