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2 definitions by bigthumb

The change you will befall when you hear the raw intensity of the face-melting, life changing, lyrically genius, musically insane band, Phaedra.
Day Before

"Dude Panic at the Disco rocks, I love them some much."

"Fuck that shit. Listen to this."

Day After

"Fuck Panic, I now see the light. All of these bands have no talent."

"Dude, you've been Phaedranized."
by bigthumb November 13, 2009
The throat of a female, homosexual male, or some dogs, that's primary function is to produce a path for a penis to flow.
"Man I hope she gives me a blowjob tonight."

"No way man, she's got the flu. Her cockpipe is all sorts of clogged up."

"Nah dude I know. It just needs some plumbing."
by bigthumb October 11, 2009