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Another word for red neck or hick. Derived from the popular TV series The Simpsons, a cleetus or cleet is a country bumpkin who is below average intelligence. Can be recognised wearing armless t-shirts and possibly sporting a mullet.
Put your top back on you look like a right cleet.

Look at that cleetus' van, like something straight out of Dukes of Hazzard.
by tboy September 09, 2004
Slang term for Brittney Spears' husband, Kevin Federline.
"I heard Brittney was divorcing Cleetus!"
by Frank Einstein December 01, 2005
A state of anger reached from the consummation of vast quantities of strongbow that is a danger to both friend and foe alike
Hes drank all that and turned into Cleetus
by Paulbo Palmer April 10, 2015
The lack of male and/or female genitalia, when one instead has a blank space, where you can write your name.
Guy #1- "Bro, your cleetus is showing."
Guy#2- "So? It's not like there's anything down there."
by Drewcifer1124 August 14, 2015
A human like creature with no known gender. Can be found wearing a scrum cap, a small pony tail sticking out the top, and a shirt reading "free rHUGS"

by free rHUGS October 23, 2011
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