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1) Someone who has your back when you need it, but knows when to get the hell out of your way when he has to. Useful for fixing things, keeping you warm, and that fuzzy soft happy feeling that he usually creates.
2)Also, apparently something most of the previous definition submitters haven't the personality to attract.
1)"I love my husband, he managed to fix the toilet after it exploded and started spitting zombies out every fifteen minutes" - Random Female Victim of Zombie Attacks
2)"...In short he is about useless." - Well, I suppose you'd think that, being completely unable to attract a decent guy.
by A Bear January 06, 2006
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A man so special that you're willing to tolerate him for the rest of your life.
"I can't believe he remembered that! That's my future husband right there!"
by PheEternal September 17, 2009
Male who has leveled up and evolved from "boyfriend."
Male just leveled up to "husband": he obtained a wife!
by megustavideojuegos December 11, 2012
The man who gets you coffee.
Get me coffee, says wife.
Yes, says Husband
by Tickle me Purple May 05, 2009
Meaning of 'My husband' , even though he is not her actual husband , telling people that 'he' is mine. Commonly used in a way of

1. Expressing their favorite entertainer , like Justin Bieber.
2. Calling your boyfriend a 'husband'
A : Oh my gwad, don't touch my husband.
B : Girl, he's not your husband he doesn't even even know you in actual life and he's not that good at singing
A : Omg, how dare you blame my husband. Get out of my way.
by Edsyp0302 September 18, 2012
Security for gold diggers.
Superman to the right woman.
That gold digging bitch married me for my money.
I would gladly lay down my life for her.
by warriorpoet June 28, 2005
(n) Men who has had their brain picked clean by zombies* and lost all free will.

*Zombies: (n) Creatures of terror that can survive recurring week-long bleeding that enjoys messing around with the brains of innocent men.
"Ever since they got married I haven't seen Joe around here."
"He's a husband now, that was the last we'll ever see of him."
by Beyond Disbelief August 18, 2011

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