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the new viral craze; a bit like planking, except you crouch down, and stare like an owl. You then take a picture and post it on facebook. Brownie points for random places to owl.
person1: i planked all day, and broke the world record!
person2: planking!!!??? i posted my self owling on fb and set the world record
person1: O_o
by Stormteddy July 15, 2011
Geordie way of saying starving
I havn't ate all day, i'm absolotly clamming
by Stormteddy August 05, 2011
Canny has a lot of meanings in the north-east, but in this instance it means really
& kabosh is a word i like to use to say something is good;
so together they both mean really good
I went to the zoo the other day, it was canny kabosh
by Stormteddy May 05, 2011
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