A person who is very nerdy and acts like a complete toolbag all the time.
Hey, look at Jack with his rolling backpack, what a clam!
by Romil May 30, 2011
A verb, noun and adjective.
An affectionate term used to describe a monka who you have strong feelings for. The term can also be used to describe a situation involving two monkas that is preferably enjoyable.
Clammin' in the club!
by Bobaba June 29, 2010
An individual who consistently performs under par during the evening. This individual lacks the skills needed to perform under pressure.
"George got Brittany Griffon butt naked in his bed last night and didn't stick it in?.....What a clam!!!"
by THE HOMIES February 04, 2010
A slang word used to describe female reproductive organs. The vagina, from the outside while shaved, could resemble a clam that is turned on it's side.
The ladies down the the screamin' peach will wax your clam for $30.00.
by Savvy BC August 06, 2009
a dick eater, known as a pussy
she has a small clam
by gabshag January 12, 2008
A vagina with the inner labia hanging out. Usually seen on older women after child birth.
Man my old lady's got a clam so big she leaves trails across the sheets.
by know the toe September 19, 2003
To bling or pimp out.
Are you going to slam and Clam your truck?
by J nizzle tizzle September 15, 2013

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