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When a male is born, his penis is wearing a little turtleneck. Circumcision is the process of pulling the "collar" up and snipping it right off, so that it wears less like a turtleneck and more like a comfortable T-shirt. Also aids in taking a piss because one won't piss all over oneself, or someone at an adjacent urinal.
The doctor took little johnny to the room for his circumcision.
by CaptainEntendre June 09, 2006
A barbaric deevolving caveman act, with roots to virgin sacrifices.
Circumcision is so utterly foolish, that even how they circumcisioned, was retarted. It would be much less senseless, to remove skin at the base of the penis, permanently retracting the foreskin, then carefully reconnecting the veins arteries nerves etc., but knowing that much is better to just leave it all there.
#10, on the bottom of page 1 here, has a circumcision joke about short sighted got the sack, but that is not a joke: http://www.circumstitions.com /Restric/Botched4ga.html
Connect the space to work the link, again note the bottom of the page.
Doctors aren't helping there but to pass down an initiation and a revenge of sorts, so they are homophobic and lazy about really considering it, much like when they call STD's merely cists or zits, instead of treating it like a cancer and taking it out.
Lord's higher science requires a light shined from the heart, to help us see over the devil's dimmer deceptions. If the devil tried to say that circ. prevents masturbation or STD's, then consider the Lord's true truth may be opposite. How does circumcision beget masturbation? A pattern of oppression where the young man hasn't the right to keep his anatomy complete and to himself, then by the time he is horny he is still no where near having the right to marry in a manner which is due or timely, if not married he will masturbate. This covers the other issue as well, if not allowed to marry among other relative evolutionary advancement in time, they will fornicate in filthy irresponsible patterns, which will contract them STD's.
Then devil conspires: But young brides are too small to have their vaginas ripped open by a baby just yet, and young men do not want to marry yet (they want to be players and pimps).
Then Lord may assign a wise human for them to reply: That is why I have created to evolve you with the wisdom given your current human population at present, to consider the most unmutating and safe forms of birth control possible. Also, they are of a lower paradigm that needs to be ascended and shifted, it is easy for them to cop an excuse that they do not want to do what they don't even know they should have the right to do.
by Informant August 03, 2006
The act of removing a male's foreskin. Controversial for obvious reasons. There are cons such as exposing the usually covered part of the penis to the harsh world, but there are many health benefits such as a decreased chance of getting HIV, Cervical cancer, or Siphilis.

Originally it was only used ceremonially in Jewish communities, and later in the Muslim faith. Today the practice is common in the United States as a whole, Christian, Jew, Mulsim, or whatever.
Person in locker room: Dude! What's wrong with your dick!?
Jew: I had a circumcision
Person: Ew... I heard it makes Sex not feel as good.
Jew: Well I only was uncircumcised for 8 days so I can't really say anything about that.
by Circumcised March 07, 2012
to cut off a males foreskin.
It is usually done in muslim and jewish countries. America is the only non jewish or muslim country where most males are circumcised. It is also the best treatment for phimosis and infections like balanitis.

It also prevents masturbation. This is entirely psychological due to being made to feel unhappy and inferior by anti circumcision activists and most of the other authors on this page, saying that circumcision is mutilation and decreases sexual pleasure. It makes the penis less sensitive which does not mean less pleasure. It increases staying power for better orgasms and is more enjoyable for both man and woman.
if all the anti circumcision activists didn't write all the crap about circumcision on the internet, circumcised men would not masturbate any less than uncircumcised men.
by dr sex May 29, 2006
It is the procedure of cutting foreskin either in part or in total.
Usually carried out for religious, medical or social reasons. All Muslim and Jewish males are expected to be circumcised to comply with their religious requirements. Several medical conditions such as phimosis warrant circumcision. It is also carried out widely in Americas and parts of Asia and Africa for social reasons. Circumcision is also popular among people seeking greater sexual aesthetics and increased sexual stimuli and excitement.
Mohammed is seven years old and ready for circumcision.

Circumcision enhanced Jim's seuxual pleasures.

Doctors recommended circumcision to treat my friend's phimosis.
by Nick Smith December 05, 2003
The controversial surgical procedure performed on baby boys which, upon becoming men, makes the penis very very appealing to women. Most women like a large circumcised penis. It is much more appealing to look at and play with. The man will never have memory of being circumcised so why not stop dwelling on the act of the surgery. Give the girlies what they want and a reason to want to pleasure you more.
Mary: Are you gonna go home with him tonight???

Linda: Yeah, but if he hasn't had a circumcision, I'm bailing out.
by gurlygurl1694 July 21, 2011
A procedure done to male infants in which the foreskin is cut off. It is usually done either for religious reasons (done by Jews) or for hygiene reasons. Believe it or not, Circumcision is not cutting off the entire penis, but merely the outer layer of foreskin. Many assholes believe Jews are bad people because they do this but it has no negative effects. Pleasure in intercourse is not increased or decreased, and the ability to produce children is also not affected. What? You thought it meant you couldn't have children. Idiot, how do you think Jewish babies are born? Honestly. The only real effect that circumcision has is better hygiene and less of a chance getting varied penal diseases.
The main reason many people believe circumcision is bad is because of varied anti-Semitic reasons, as well as the fact that many men are sensitive to cutting down there.
"I'm Jewish, so I was circumcised."
"Is circumcision like cutting off a girl's nipples?"
NO, you idiot. If you cut off a girl's nipples she would have no way to nurse her children and many other health problems. The foreskin has no use but nipples do.
by Irefusetotellyoumyname February 13, 2011